WomELLE Startup
Grant Program

WomELLE Startup Grant Program is a small business grant program for women-owned businesses offered through WomELLE for a cause.
The grant includes mentoring, branding, web development, and Clear Pathway to Business Success course. In 2022, four grants will be given to women starting a business. In addition, the organization provides grantees with online support, networking opportunities, and training. 

What is WomELLE
Startup Grant Program?

WomELLE for a Cause launched the Startup Grant in honor of our founder’s vision to give women worldwide the freedom and opportunity to start a business. The grant will help women fulfill their dreams in the best way possible to be financially free and successful.

How Does It Work?

WomELLE Startup Grant helps women launch new businesses, learn business skills, have a business mentor and training.

Every year, WomELLE for a Cause awards one or more women looking to start a small business or in the process of creating one. Each winner received WomELLE services worth $10,000, including mentoring, branding, web development, and Clear Pathway to Business Success course. The mentoring is for one year, and the course is three months. Each winner must go through the entire program to learn some of the skills required to start and grow a business. At the end of the program, each winner should have a successful launch business. 

1. Qualification

Qualified business applicants must be:

  • Women-owned, minority-owned businesses
  • Startup or operating for less than a year
  • Based in the United States
  • Must be ready to invest your time and funding to get your business license and structure

2. How Do I Apply?

You can start by telling us your WHY. We do not ask for any lengthy or complicated documents; you just answer a few questions about you and your business. The application is open March 1, 2022, and closes on May 31, 2022. We will announce the winners on June 30, 2022.

By WomELLE for a Cause

Ready to start?

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And apply by May 31, 2022.