The skills to grow
your business

Sales and marketing strategy can let you differentiate yourself from your competitors and generate more business. When using online and offline tools, it is important to clearly define your business’ vision, positioning, and customer profiles to build a successful strategy.​

Your marketing and sales mentor can help you define the best sales and marketing channels and activities for your business, adapt these to your situation, and in turn, better position your business in the market and increase sales.

Sales and Marketing for
Small Business will help you:

  • assess your current sales approach and marketing activities;
  • craft your sales script;
  • identify the most promising marketing opportunities; and
  • apply practical tools, templates, and tips to build a strong foundation for your sales and marketing strategy.

Here is our three-step mentoring process for building
a solid sales and marketing strategy in three months:

1. Discover

Your mentor meets with you to understand your business and objectives. Then, we present our assessment which includes:

  • your brand
  • your products/services
  • your competitive situation
  • your customers
  • your sales channels

At the end of this phase, the mentor introduces the workbook you’ll be using throughout the project, including any key concepts you should know.

2. Develop

Your mentor helps you use the tools and templates in your workbook to identify the sales and marketing channels and activities that can help you meet your objectives:

  • your ideal client profile
  • drafting your script
  • mapping out your sales process
  • objection handling

3. Deliver

Your mentor will help you identify the best marketing tactics for your business and learn how they work, from offline channels such as tradeshows and direct mail to online channels such as websites, social media, email, and more. You will then receive a marketing roadmap of activities to launch over the next 6 to 12 months.