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WomELLE for a Cause program offers a depth of expertise that helps businesswomen successfully kick-start and grow their businesses.

Mentorship Program

Mentors in the WomELLE for a Cause Mentor Program are leaders and influencers who leverage their skills, experience, and insight to help small businesswomen. Mentees enjoy a 1:1 relationship with a strategically paired mentor equipped with the strengths to help make their business goals a reality. To cover the cost of administering the program, we do charge a fee for Mentees. The cost is $270 for the first month and $170 every month after

Virtual Meeting


Print Workbook

Monthly Meeting


Accountability Partner

For Businesswomen

True advice on how to achieve specific business goals.

By Businesswomen

What could your business accomplish if you had personalized insights from someone who's been through it all before?

Why do you need a Mentor?

You need a champion & fierce supporter who can help you feel confident and empowered you to take your next business steps.

You need personalized 1:1 advice from someone with relevant experience that can help you hash out ideas.

Ongoing Support

You need firsthand, real-world insights so you can learn from other people's mistakes & avoid wasting necessary resources -- like time & money.

You need someone to hold you accountable for your business
while helping you learn new skills.

Marketing Fundamentals

The Marketing Fundamentals is a 5-day live online business marketing program for small businesswomen that want to increase business and gain the knowledge they need to build a better marketing plan. You will discover how to align your marketing strategy with your business goals and learn the correct key marketing concepts to implement customer acquisition strategies to find the right customers and grow your business.

Live sessions for five days from 9 am to 11 am PST.

To cover the cost of administering the program, we do charge a one-time fee of $299.

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Did you know that 71 percent of businesses are women-owned?
It’s the number one reason women-owned businesses succeed and grow.