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RISE is an enchanting book club that stands for Reading, Imagination, Self-expression, and Empowerment. Designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12, RISE offers a captivating space where young minds can immerse themselves in the joy of reading, unleash their creativity, express their unique voices, and discover the power within themselves. Through a diverse selection of books, interactive activities, and engaging discussions, RISE inspires children to explore new worlds, expand their imaginations, and cultivate a lifelong love for literature. 

Sparks Imagination

RISE offers a captivating range of features and resources to foster a love for reading and enhance the reading experience:

Each month, members receive a carefully selected book tailored to their age group and reading level. These book packages come with accompanying activities, discussion questions, and interactive materials to enrich the reading experience. 

Twice-a-month gatherings offer an opportunity for kids to meet, discuss the books, and participate in fun activities.

Kids have the exciting opportunity to vote for the book they want to receive each month, allowing them to have a voice in shaping their reading journey. This empowers them to make choices and feel more engaged in the club.

Create projects, win prizes, and connect with fellow members remotely. Parents are invited to join special events to foster community and celebrate kids’ love for reading.

We celebrate kids’ achievements and encourage their progress through incentives and rewards. Completing activities, participating in reading challenges, and actively engaging in discussions can earn them small prizes like bookmarks, stickers, or other delightful surprises that complement the monthly book selection. 


the wonderful teachers of RISE Book Club

Alina Delarosa

Alina joined WomELLE with nearly 2 decades of teaching experience. Starting her career in New York City, she has now taught in 6 states and 2 countries. Wherever she teaches, she focuses on building student relationships and sparking a love of learning. She has her undergraduate degree from Boston College and her graduate degree from Brooklyn College. She is excited to begin this journey with WomELLE. 

Dr. Mazie L. Parkmond

Hello everyone. My name is Mazie Parkmond, and I am excited about being your Book Club Teacher! I was born and raised in Columbia, SC, and I now live in Charlotte, NC. I have two children; a daughter Lena who is 17 and a son Drew who is 15. I have worked in education for 21 years, and my background is in Montessori education. I have been a Private School Director for the past three years and I enjoy working with young children and seeing them grow. I am very eager to get started in this new role and to share my love of books with children. I am an avid reader and I take pleasure in relaxing with a good book at the end of the day. and I look forward to meeting all of you and your children. My (virtual) door is always open for conversation and feedback. I welcome your input and advice as our book club takes an adventure through the world of good books!

How It Works

Got questions? Call us at 561-880-8930

(M-F 9AM-5PM EST). We’re here to help!

Monthly Book Packages

Every month, our members receive thoughtfully selected books tailored to their age group and reading level. Alongside the books, we provide engaging activities that enrich the reading experience and spark the curiosity of young minds.

Engaging Book Club Gatherings

Our engaging book club gatherings happen twice a month remotely, providing kids with the chance to meet, discuss books, and take part in fun activities.

Guided Reading for Young Minds

Empower young minds with guided reading and effective learning. Discover an engaging book club journey for your child.

Why Join RISE?

Parents should have their kids join RISE because it offers a multitude of benefits for their child’s growth and development. Firstly, RISE instills a love for reading in children, fostering a lifelong habit that brings joy, knowledge, and imagination into their lives. Through engaging stories and diverse characters, RISE empowers children to believe in themselves, embrace their individuality, and develop a sense of self-worth. 

Support RISE Book Club

At WomELLE for a Cause, we have a strong desire to support as many children as possible in our RISE book club program. However, due to limited funding, we are unable to reach all the children we would like to help. If you are a parent who can afford to donate to the program, we kindly encourage you to support our cause. Your contribution will not only benefit your child but also enable us to allocate a portion of the funding to support less fortunate children, giving them the opportunity to experience the joys of reading and learning. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of young readers and create a brighter future for all.

Inclusive Book Club Scholarships

If you’re a parent who can contribute to the RISE Book Club, we encourage you to do so in order to help us provide enriching reading experiences for more children. We understand that financial circumstances can be challenging, and we want to ensure that all children have access to our enriching book club.

Please note that there may be a waiting list for our program, as we have limited funding available. However, we are committed to supporting as many children as possible and will do our best to accommodate those in need. If funding becomes available to cover the program cost, we will reach out to eligible applicants and notify them of their acceptance.

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WomELLE for a Cause is seeking partners to join forces in our mission to empower and support. Whether you’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to women’s and children’s causes or a corporation committed to corporate social responsibility, we invite you to explore partnership opportunities with us. Together, we can create impactful programs, initiatives, and events that uplift, educate, and inspire. Let’s collaborate to empower women and children and create a better future.